Aviation plug 12mm gx12 2 2-core 3-core 4-core 5-core 6-core male and female socket

Panel mount GX12 plug connectors are sold as pairs. This is a robust metal connector which can be used for power or signal.

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                                     Waterproof Cable Connector  GX12 2 3 5pin Connector

GX type circular electrical connector is suitable for line connection between instruments, mechanical and electronic equipment. The plug and socket are connected by thread, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient application and beautiful appearance.

Working condition of Circle electrical connector

Working Temperature:     -40~+85°C
Relative humidity: 
  92 ~ 98% at40±2°C, 
Working pressure: 


  Max acceleration 245 m/s2


  ≥ 500 cycles


  Frequency 10 Hz~200Hz, 98m/s2

Constant acceleration:     245 m/s2

  Zinc alloy nickel plating

  Brass Silver plated

  Phosphor bronze tin plating

Type of Circle electrical connector

Plug of cable IP55


Rear nut socket IP55


90 degree Plug of Cable IP55


Round flange socket IP55


Front nut socket IP55


Flange assembless a socket IP55


Connector of cable IP55


Binocuius flange socket IP55


GX16 series Aviation plug connector hole place arranges

GX series circular connector According to the diameter matched with the panel: GX12,GX16,GX18,GX20,GX25,GX30,GX35,GX40

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