• Why choose to trust us?
  • Our company specializes in electronic technology for 15 years, and the 9th year of Alibaba's gold medal Chinese supplier. It has its own R&D team and professional production plants. It has introduced a variety of automated production equipment and professional testing equipment to further reduce production costs and become more competitive in the market. force.
  • Are we a factory or a manufacturer?
  • Most of the products we listed are produced and manufactured by ourselves, but some supporting products such as wiring harness or brand products are provided by cooperative factories or brand distributors.
  • What are our delivery methods?
  • We basically use express delivery, sea freight, air freight and other delivery methods, and the delivery method is carried out according to customer requirements.
  • What methods can be used for payment?
  • Payment methods are: paypal (small amount), Wire Transfer, West Union........
  • What is the lead time of the product?
  • Our products are basically arranged in the order of placing the order. The delivery base is related to the order quantity, the order season and the inventory of finished products and parts. The connectors and switches can be delivered within 5-7 days; the quantity is relatively large The time required for orders and customized products requires both parties to negotiate the delivery date.
  • When would you use a wire connector?
  • Wire connectors, or wire nuts as they're often referred to, are covers that are used to fasten two electrical wires together. These handy little connectors prevent live wires from becoming exposed or touching metal surfaces, which could cause a dangerous fault or short circuit.
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