Amphenol Mil Connector MS5015 MS26482 VG95234 Mil Bend Circular Air Plug

MS26482 Serie Pressure sensor plug 6-pin Bendix Plug Connector MS3116F10-6S PT06E-10-6S(SR)
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26482 Series Straight Aviation Plug Male Female MS3116 PT06E 10-6 6pin

These miniature connectors, are available in several series, each with varying design characteristics and customer options to meet

cost considerations and provide maximum design flexibility. There are two styles within the family that are MS approved and
qualifed to MIL-DTL-26482, Series 1, and in addition there are several proprietary styles.

Common features of all styles:
• All are for general duty applications and environmental sealing is achieved with the grommet and clamp design.
• Operating temperature is from –55°C to +125°; Operating voltage to 1000 VAC (RMS) at sea level.
• Pin and socket contacts are machined from low loss copper alloy and gold plated to eliminate contact corrosion and provide an
indefnite shelf life.
• All have resilient inserts which provide high dielectric strength and moisture barrier.
• A variety of shell fnishes (including non-cadmium) and a variety of backend accessories are available within the styles.

HOT SALE P/N: PT02E-8-2P/PT06E-8-2S(SR),PT02E-8-4P/PT06E-8-4S(SR), PT02E-10-6P/PT06E-10-6S(SR), PT02E-10-7P/PT06E-10-7S(SR),
PT02E-12-10P/PT06E-12-10S(SR), PT02E-14-19P/PT06E-14-19S(SR), PT02E-16-8P/PT06E-16-8S(SR), PT02E-16-26P/PT06E-16-26S(SR),

PT02E-18-32P/PT06E-18-32S(SR),PT02E-22-55P/PT06E-22-55S(SR), PT02E-24-61P/PT06E-24-61S(SR)

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