What is an aviation plug connector Dec 21
The electrical connectors plug is an electromechanical component connected to the electrical circuit. Therefore, the electrical parameters of aviation plug itself are the first problem to be considered in the selection of aviation plug. The correct selection and use of bullet connectors is an important aspect to ensure the reliability of circuit.

Terminal connector have different classification methods. According to frequency, there are high-frequency aviation plug and low-frequency waterproof electrical connectors; According to the shape, there are circular connectors, which are divided according to the purpose: watertight electrical connectors for cabinet,  audio equipment,   power supply,special purpose, etc. The following mainly discusses the selection method of low-frequency aviation plug (frequency below 3MHz). Tool / raw material aviation plug connector steps / methods, number of contact pairs and pinholes

Preferably, the number of contact pairs can be selected according to the needs of the circuit, and the volume of the electrical connector and the total separation force shall be considered. The number of contact pairs is large, of course, and the total separation force is relatively large. When some reliability requirements are high and the volume is allowed, two pairs of contact pairs can be connected in parallel to improve the reliability of the connection. Vibration, impact and collision

The electrical continuity of the contact pair during vibration, impact and collision of the aviation plug under the specified frequency and acceleration conditions is mainly considered. Under this dynamic stress, the contact pair will have instantaneous open circuit. The specified instantaneous breaking time is generally 1 μ s 、10 μ s 、100 μ s. 1ms and 10ms. Attention should be paid to how to judge the instantaneous breaking fault of contact pair. Now it is generally believed that when the voltage drop at both ends of the closed contact pair (contact) exceeds 50% of the electromotive force of the power supply, it can be determined that the closed contact pair (contact) has a fault. That is, there are two conditions to judge whether the instantaneous break occurs: duration and voltage drop, both of which are indispensable. Connection mode

Waterproof bulkhead connectors is generally composed of plug and socket, in which the plug is also called free end waterproof crimp connectors, and the socket is also called fixed aviation plug. The connection and disconnection of the circuit are realized through the plug, socket and insertion and separation, so various connection modes of plug and socket are produced. For the round aviation plug, there are mainly three ways: threaded connection, bayonet connection and marble connection. Threaded connection is the most common. It has the advantages of simple processing technology, low manufacturing cost and wide application range, but the connection speed is slow, which is not suitable for occasions requiring frequent plugging and rapid connection. Bayonet connection has a long lead of its three bayonet slots, so the connection speed is faster, but its manufacturing is more complex and the cost is higher. Billiard connection is one of the three connection modes with the fastest connection speed. It does not need rotary motion, but only needs linear motion to realize the functions of connection, separation and locking. Because it belongs to direct push-pull connection mode, it is only suitable for aviation plugs with small total separation force. Generally, it is common in small aviation plugs. Installation method and appearance

The installation of waterproof electrical plug connectors includes front installation and rear installation. The installation and fixation methods include rivets, screws, circlips or quick locking of aviation plug itself. There is also a plug and socket that are free end aviation plugs, that is, the so-called relay aviation plug. Environmental parameters

The environmental parameters mainly include ambient temperature, humidity, rapid temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosive environment. The environment in which the electrical connector is used, stored and transported has a significant impact on its performance, so the corresponding aviation plug must be selected according to the actual environmental conditions.

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