Development history of Chinese military circular connector (aviation plug) 2 Dec 07

Development history of Chinese military circular connector (aviation plug)

The second stage: 1960s-1990s.

Especially after the reform and opening up, the military industry system began to introduce new technologies and new ideas. Accordingly, China's military connectors began to enter total quality management, abandoned the manufacturing concept of "one in a hundred", and graded the quality of military connectors. The highest level is seven special level (g), by military level (J), and finally ordinary level (m). At the same time, the design concept of this period also slowly shifted to the American Standard. For example, our army's gjb598 standard is equivalent to mic-c-26482. At this stage, it is mainly characterized by fast plug-in interface, multi key error prevention, high protection grade, closed contact, crimp contact, small volume and medium density products. Later, sealed connectors also appeared. During this period, XK and xke of factory 158, Yb of factory 796 and Y27 (push-pull quick plug) series of factory 693 are representative products, which are still widely used in the military and civilian market.

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