5mm pitch screw pcb terminal block 3 pin

Screw terminal block can realize multi-wire connection and maximum contact pressure, with self-locking function.

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5mm pitch screw pcb terminal block 3 pin

Description of 5mm pitch terminal block

The PCB terminal block is an accessory product that realizes electrical connection, and is often used on a PCB. PCB terminal blocks can provide fast and simple connection points for one wire or multiple wires, and can also provide a variety of multi-level blocks to save space and optimize.

Drawing of 300-5.0 5mm pitch terminal block     

Specification of Screw terminal block  

Product name:   Screw terminal block Model:   300-5.0
Certification:   UL, CE Rated voltage:   300V (UL), 250V (IEC)
Rated current:   16A (UL), 17A (IEC) Wire range:   22-14 AWG (1.5mm²)
Withstand voltage:   AC2000V/1Min Torque:   0.5Nm (4.4Lb-in)
Temperature range: 
 -30℃ to +120℃ Strip length:   4.5-5.0 mm
Pitch:   5.0 mm Poles:   2P 3P
Housing:   PBT UL94V-0 Pin header:   Brass, tin plated
Wire cage:   Phosphor bronze, nickel plated Screw:   M3  steel  Zinc plated
Pin dimensions:   4.3 mm PCB hole diameter:   1.2 mm

Feature of Screw terminal block  

  • High flame-retardant grade: insulated shell, made of UL94V-0 grade raw materials, flame-retardant and fire-proof
  • Convenient and quick operation structure: The use of plus and minus slotted screws is more convenient for the selection of screwdrivers, and the wiring operation can be carried out conveniently and quickly.
  • Anti-vibration design: The screws are designed with self-locking principle, which will not loosen under vibration environment
  • Lead-free and environmentally friendly "green" connection: the product meets RoHS environmental requirements
  • Reliable weldability: prismatic welding foot, easy to insert the welding hole, conducive to the rise of the welding liquid, high weldability
  • Excellent electrical and environmental performance: The metal parts are made of high-quality copper alloy, with low contact resistance, good surface treatment, and strong corrosion resistance

Application of 5mm pitch terminal block   

There are many types of screw terminal block, and they are mainly used in security, lighting, power supply, elevator, electrical, power and other industries etc.

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