5.08mm single row green color plug in terminal block

2EDGR/2EDGV has 6 different pitch: 3.5mm, 3.81mm, 5.0mm, 5.08mm, 7.5mm and 7.62mm. The contact pin has 2-24 pin, material is brass with tin plated. Both these two models can be matched with 2EDGK. Shell color is green, made by PA66.
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5.08mm single row green color plug in terminal block

2EDGR-5.0/508mm plug-in terminal block 2EDGV-5.0/5.08mm plug-in terminal block

Description of 5.0/5.08 mm terminal block 

Pluggable terminal blocks, using universal, easy-to-maintain wire connections, can be applied to almost all types of equipment in industries and markets.  Use screws, springs, and fast wire-free connection.

This model is suitable for all types of wires with a wire range from 28AWG to 12AWG, and the spacing is 3.5mm-7.62mm to choose from.

Specification of Terminal block green 

Product name:   Plug in terminal block connector Model:   2EDGR(V)-5.0/5.08
Rated current:   10A Rated voltage:   300V
Withstand voltage:   AC 2500V/1 Min Temperature range:   -40℃ to +105℃
Pitch:   5.0/5.08 mm Poles:   2P-24P
Housing:   PA66 UL94V-0 Pin header:   Brass, tin plated

Drawing of 5.08 mm terminal block 

2EDGR-5.0/5.08 2EDGV-5.0/5.08

Feature of 5.08 mm terminal block   

  • Flexible connection-quick connection, free choice of connection method.
  • Different poles and pitch can be choosen.
  • Both 2EDGR and 2EDGV can match with 2EDGK.
  • Solder terminal block: Can solder in the PCB board.

Application of Single row terminal block   

Plug-in terminal blocks are widely used in Industrial Automation, Smart Home/Home Automation, Security, Lighting, NB-IOT, also Rail Transit.

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