3 way plastic on off on rocker switch types kcd1

The rocker switch is one of the most common switch forms in the world, because of its ease of use and high reliability. It is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth like a see-saw.

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3 way plastic on off on rocker switch types kcd1

Description of Kcd1 rocker switch

  • Rocker switches are usually called single pole and double pole, which is related to the number of circuits controlled by the switch. The throw defines how many positions the switch pole can be connected to.
  • Non-illuminated rocker switches usually have a 'O' and a 'I' on the button surface, to indicate whether the switch is on or off. The other switches have a colored LED that lights up when the switch is turned on.

Specification of Kcd1 rocker switch

Product name:   on off on rocker switch Model:   KCD1 series
Panel mount diameter:   19.5 x 13.2 mm Function:   on-off, on-off-on, on-on
Rating:   6A 250V AC/10A 125V AC Rated load:   2/8A 250V AC
Solder terminal:   PTI 175 Ambient temperature:   T85
Endurance:   10000 cycles Contact resistance:   ≤ 50mΩ
Dielectric intensity:   ≥ 1500V AC/min Withstand voltage:   1500V AC/min
Insulation resistance:   ≥ 100MΩ Frequency:   50HZ

Feature of Kcd1 rocker switch  

  • May print 'I' & 'O' on the surface (I for "on", O for "off"), so that the user can know if the device is on or off.

Application of rocker switch type  

There are many applications that can use rocker switches. This includes household appliances, medical systems, power supply units, control panels, and HVAC equipment.

There are more rocker switches to choose from  

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