M14 Self-latching push pull connector for Medical Equipment

Olink company produce Plastic push pull connector with alignment key for medical applications.

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M14 Self-latching push pull connector for Medical Equipment

Features of Plastic medical connector

  • Plastic push-pull circular connector
  • Automatic locking device after insertion
  • A variety of wire connection hole diameters
  • Multi-angle positioning pin design to avoid wrong insertion
  • A variety of shell colors are available
  • 2~8 pin

Specifications of Plastic circular connector

product name: 

 push-pull Self-latching circular connector
Rated voltage:   400V Rated current:   5A
Shell material:   PC Contact material:   Brass gold plated
Shell color:   Red  Black  gray Number of pins:   2-8 pin

application of push-pull connector

push-pull Self-latching circular connector Mainly used as a sensor or checker interface for medical testing equipment

More push-pull connectors

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